Friday, July 31, 2009


I live in one of the greatest states ever.

Today, for work, I had to drive up to the U (not the campus, the letter). I had to go up there to take some pictures of a lot that someone wants to build a house on. Someone wealthy, obviously because the view is incredible up there. I could check how much taxes would be just on the lot, but I won't.

Last night, I went up to my Stake President's house for a Bishopric date night. When I say "up", I mean it. His house is the highest up the mountain just East of the I-215 3900 S exit. He has a pool that overlooks the whole valley, and we had a steak dinner out there, and then swam in the pool after watching the beautiful sunset. If I get the chance, I'll hook up my phone and post the picture of the sunset from it right here. It was amazing.

Also, tonight I'm headed up to the Uintah's for a campout with my friends from high school. It's an annual thing we do, and it's tons of fun!

So, with all this mountain stuff, I got to thinking about how many awesome things we have in this great state! Mountains, for hiking, camping, mountain biking, with rivers for floating, lakes for water skiing. Also, we have desert and hot dry air, which is my favorite. Lake Powell, which trumps anything you could argue for any other state. Plus, my family (including most of my extended family) lives here. Pretty much, I've got a great life, and a great location for my personality. I get to do all the awesome things that I love to do, all within an hour of my house.



  1. haha. can you imagine if i asked paul if we could by a lot right by the U.

    he's probably rather live, i don't know... anywhere besides that.

    you're awesome

  2. Haha, that would be such a sweet lot. But, it would be expensive, and difficult to tow a boat up and down the mountain... ;).