Friday, July 17, 2009

The Temple

So I went to the temple last night, and it was just a nice peaceful experience. There have been a lot of talks in General Conference and other reminders in Church about how we need to visit the temple more often. I was chatting with a member from my mission, where they have to travel close to 1,000 miles to get to the temple in Frankfurt, and how exciting it is that the temple is being built in Kiev. It made me think of how blessed I am to have 4 temples in the Salt Lake Valley, plus 3 others just 20-40 minutes away. So I figured I should go.

While I was there, I read Moroni 7, which is my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. I've been thinking a lot lately about faith and how I can strengthen my faith, so it was good to read that and be reminded of how I could. I'm glad I was able to go.

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