Thursday, July 30, 2009

On Blogs

So, after doing some minor research into the world of blogging (as this is still fairly new to me), I've discovered that a couple of things help make blogs more interesting:

1. Pictures. Even kids understand this concept. If you're going to read a book to them, there'd better be some illustrations in there, to help their imaginations to soar. It's the same on blogs. Unfortunately for me, my camera got soaked at Lake Powell and doesn't work anymore.

2. Using either eloquent or dramatic speech. This one's harder to explain. For some reason, when things are typed on a page, and you can't hear the person's voice, it can get really monotone in your head. So when people embellish their words and throw out some crazy awesome analogies, it sounds more fun and energetic, and easier to read. I think font type and using some bold or italic fonts would help too. This would have to be something for me to work on, because I just say things the way they are, and I don't like to sound exaggerated. The sad thing is, in a blog post, non-exaggerated sounds bland.

If you have any other observations on what makes a blog a fun blog, let me know!


  1. after Paul read your blog- he said "it sounds exactly like how Eric talks" which I think is a GREAT thing! It's fun to read about your interests and helps keep me entertained at work too :)
    you're awesome.
    And I agree about the pictures. :)