Thursday, July 30, 2009


I love playing. This week I've played a sport every night. Monday was volleyball and Tuesday and yesterday were both ultimate.

Volleyball - This was a stake FHE, and anyone could put together a team. I was lucky to be picked on the best one. We went undefeated.

Tues. Ultimate - BYU Coed Intramurals. We aren't undefeated this time. But, we won! We were playing a very good team, that had 3-5 subs, while we were down a player the whole game, and we won 12-5! That was a good feeling. We just beat them with our hustle.

Wed. Ultimate - This was just for fun, with friends from our ward and high school and everything. I love playing, and I can't stop until everyone's gone. Even then, I love to throw the disc around with a couple of people.

So anyways, last night, after all this ultimate and volleyball (both sports in which jumping is required), I felt the effects of not stretching. I was watching psych with my sister and her friend Jill, and I just stretched, and I got the WORST cramp/charlie horse in my calf! I couldn't relax my leg, and it killed and lasted around 5 minutes. I know I'm not old, but I guess I am getting older. Maybe I should stretch before and after I play...

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