Monday, August 17, 2009

Who loves summer weekends? OOH! OOH! ME!


Friday at around noon, I left work. That was when it started. I drove my car (pre-packed the night before, with tent, bag, sleeping bag, AIR CHAIR, etc.), with Shayla up to Bear Lake for our HUGE Stake Boating activity. Seriously, there were 500-600 people up there! It was crazy. Anyways, so we got there, waited around a few minutes, then decided to head down to the beach to take out my air chair, which is why I went. (See previous posts.)

We got out to the beach, and lucky enough for us, President Plumb's brother and his son were there with their boat, beckoning (well kind of, they were pretty tired of being out on the choppy water, and I'm sure they were hungry too, but they were nice enough to take us out) for us to come onto their boat. So, they let me ride my air chair. I jumped a couple of times to get used to the tower, then tried the backflip again - no good. Then I decided I would try the flip off the wake, because I usually get more air that way - again, no good. So I rode it back toward the shore (I had ridden for quite a while already). As we were coming back toward the beach, I realized my turn was just about over, so I decided to try it one more time outside the wake. I cut out, waited for the slack a little, pulled back, jumped and threw my head back. I kind of expected to land on my head again, or my stomach, since that's where I usually do, but I landed on my butt! I landed it! I had the rope in my hand! It kind of caught me by surprise, and water was splashing me in the face, so I kind of unconsciously let go, as I heard the people in the boat cheering. It was awesome!!! I can't wait to go again, and hopefully get it more consistent. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera. For second witnesses, ask Katie Kelson or Shayla Dickson.

So, from then on, it didn't really matter what else I did, I would have had an awesome weekend. The rest was awesome too, though! We headed back for a free steak and baked potato dinner that our Stake had made (yes, for 500-600 people, they provided STEAK!) Then, we drove up to Lava Hot Springs to camp out. Sat around the fire with a nice little group of friends from our ward, and laughed until about 2:30 am. The next morning, we ate a cold breakfast, went to the hot pools, floated the river, swam in the pool, ate lunch and drove home! That night, I washed my car, watched a movie and listened to awesome music.

Sunday I slept in (always a bonus), then woke up to prepare a lesson for Elder's Quorum (yes I procrastinate, but this time I was told I would be teaching late Saturday night). At Church, our ward boundaries were changed, and we got a new bishopric called into our ward. It was definitely an eventful Sunday.

And overall an eventful weekend!


  1. Congratulations on landing the air chair back flip!!! The joy on your face carries over to your blog!

  2. Go Eric Go!
    That's sweet. And new bishopric? That's exciting!