Monday, August 10, 2009


So, I know you're all wondering, "Was Eric's weekend as good as he hoped for???".

It was AWESOME! So, as stated, we drove up to Morgan on Friday night (me, Celeste, and Jill). My Granparents were so nice, and made Jill some dinner (Celeste and I had already eaten, but we ate a little with her too). My Grandpa is hilarious, he gave her some raspberries, and then said, "You want some cream with those, don't you?" and she just had to agree with him. Our Grandma came in saying "Stephen, kids don't eat berries with cream anymore!" It was hilarious. But I tried some too, and it was actually delicious! My Grandpa is funny though, he kind of forces you to agree with you by saying things like "Now isn't that just the best thing you've ever tasted?". So that was fun. Then we headed over to where my Aunt works, at the "Dance Shack" in Morgan, where she teaches dance and tumbling. I had her watch my backflip and teach me how to do it better. At first she was correcting some things, then she said "Wait, you don't use your arms!" I said "Ok, how can I fix it?" and she said "No, that's awesome! Most people aren't able to do flips like that." So I was kind of happy about that. I still had some form issues, but it was cool to hear. She also showed me how to do a front flip, and I did it! (Just fyi, front flips are harder.)

That night, we slept out on the trampoline, and in the morning, headed up to the lake! We got there around 6:20 and I skied about 20 minutes later. Here's a picture. It was pretty nice water, but freezing cold air! Right after I skied, there were some dark rain clouds coming over, so we grabbed the cover to our boat and just chilled underneath it for about an hour, waiting for the ward to come up. Oh, and David and Andrea were there early too, so they were in the boat with us.

It stayed cold all day, with clouds and wind. I rode our Stake President's wave runner, and afterwards I couldn't stop shivering for about an hour. Finally, at the end of the day, Bro. Linton took me out behind his boat on my newly polished sky ski, which really improved its riding capabilities. And... I almost landed the backflip!

I tried it three times, and the 3rd time was the closest. I'm planning on going up to bear lake this weekend, and I think I'll be able to land it then! I can't wait.

So then we drove home! It was a fun trip up to East Canyon. I'll let you know when I land it. :)

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  1. You know, I can help you with your tumbling skills - I used to coach beginning men's gymnastics at BYU AND teach youngins! :-)