Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekendish awesomeness!

I just finished summer semester today. Can you say "AWESOME!"? That's what I thought. So to celebrate, tonight, Celeste and I are driving up to Mor-Gan to sleep at my Grandma's house! lol It's gonna be sweet, and then in the morning we're headed to the lake for some water playin' with the ward. I'm excited to try out my sky ski after I polish off the tarnish that's been building up on it. I'm really really really hoping that it fixes the problems it's been having. If not, I'm probably going to have to sell it and look for a better one... :( I love the weekend, especially one right after the last day of finals!

Also, I realized that I haven't posted this or told many people, but on Sunday I was released as Ward Clerk (bitter-sweet), and called as Ward Mission Leader! I'm excited for the change, but it's kind of sad to not be able to work with the Bishopric as closely, even though they're being released soon as well. It's going to be fun to get back into the missionary mindset a little bit, and help the missionaries look for people to teach. Know anyone? :)

So I'm not having a lot of success with getting into a research lab up at the U, and it's getting kind of frustrating. I have a meeting pending with the professor with whom I would like to work - (check out that English) - but I have to wait a week for that one, and even then I'm not sure if he'll want to have me work for him like I want to. I'd really like to get something set up BEFORE fall semester starts, but we'll see if that actually happens or not.

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  1. you stayed at grandmas? awesome.
    you missed out on havasupai... except the blisters.

    good luck with the research lab.