Thursday, December 3, 2009

Midterms, Madness, Mercies

This semester has been a really stressful one. My classes are not easy, and there's always something due in at least one of them. This week has been especially rough with 2 midterms and a large project due tomorrow.

I've been trying to organize my time better so that I can get more done, including homework, cleaning my room, preparing scholarship applications, serving in my calling, and having time to spend with friends. However, organization is one of the weaker points of my personality, and I can't seem to figure it out. This week I've just gone to school, then work, then as soon as I get home, I pull out the books and study until I go to bed. Kind of crazy.

This morning, I had to wake up even earlier than usual to get to school on time for one of the above-mentioned midterms (Differential Equations). I've been relying a lot on divine help to get me through this week and in general through my schooling. I've noticed a lot of help on exams and homework assignments, so much that I know that if I do my part, I'll be blessed. But this morning, Heavenly Father decided to reassure me of His love and willingness to help me in my life. I know this might sound so simple and coincidental, but to me it wasn't. I went out to my car, and as I was pulling out, I stopped for a second to close the garage door. In that second, I looked up at the bright, almost-full moon right outside my car window, and in that one second, a shooting star went flying right past the moon. I drove to school with a smile on my face.

I'm just thankful for a Heavenly Father who sends us tender mercies, even when we feel like we'd do OK without them.

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  1. Eric, I'm glad you found me! I too love those tender mercies. We definitely need them every once in a while. Hang in there. The semester is almost over!