Sunday, November 14, 2010


So... it's been about 3 months or so since I even looked at my blog.  Sorry to all of you faithful readers who have been waiting on the edge of your seats, checking every day to see if there was some updated post, some new picture, some record of the proceedings of my life.  I guess I'm just not as into blogging as I used to be.  I just have other things to do to distract me, so I guess I can update you a bit on those things...

School is going well.  I'm taking some pretty difficult classes this semester, and I feel like I'm doing ok in each of them.  I'm learning a lot, and I hope that trend will continue.  (If not, what's the point, right?)

I've been working in a musculoskeletal research lab at the U since the beginning of the semester.  It's almost the same type of work as I've been doing for the last year, segmenting out images.  However, now they are CT scans of human hips, rather than confocal microscope images of cardiac myocytes in rats (I think the myocytes one just sounds cooler - and I think it is cooler too).  It's a good job, and I'm glad to get more research experience, but to be honest, I don't really get that much experience, especially since I already know a lot of the things I could potentially learn, so really I'm just there for the money.

I recently was released from my calling as Ward Mission Leader.  As with almost any calling, this is a really bitter-sweet release.  I enjoyed this calling very much.  It was extremely difficult, and a lot of the time, I didn't feel like I really made any progress or affected anyone's life.  However, looking back I know that I was able to help some people, and hopefully the Lord will magnify what little work we did do for the benefit of His children.

Last, but certainly not least, I've been dating a wonderful girl named Kimberly.  She's so kind and cares a lot about people.  We have a lot of fun together.  I should also mention that she is gorgeous.  Like, super-model gorgeous.  I'm lucky to get to date her.

So really, it's all of those reasons that I haven't blogged a lot lately.

I hope you'll excuse my absence from the online social network.

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  1. Good to hear that things are going well for you man. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you over Christmas break.