Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break.

It was SO nice to get away from school!  For the first half of the week, I stayed at home because I had to work each night (still from 9pm to 1am - I don't think I've blogged about my current job yet, maybe I will someday...).  So I realized that if I weren't going to school, my life would be fairly boring!  I slept in almost every day, (one day 'til 11:30!!!)  I never sleep in that late, so I felt pretty lazy.  I went up to the U to work in our research lab a little, and I did some shopping and stuff, but overall, I just played music and enjoyed not having a ton of things to do!  Then... on Thursday... I went... to...


Pictures are from past trips - that's why it looks so warm and calm.  I don't have a camera anymore because it got soaked on this trip

I love that place.  Even though this trip was a little different:  1. I was only there a couple of days, whereas usually I've been able to go the whole week.  2.  It was windy and cold, so I only got in one ski ride (usually I ski at least twice a day).

On the way home, we had a fun experience.  It was me, my bro.in law Paul and my sister Chelsey.  We were just driving along, everything was fine.  I was driving and we were following a truck towing a trailer.  All of a sudden, some black thing comes flying out from under the trailer, flailing around on the road, so I swerved to avoid it, not knowing what it was, and we started fish-tailing, did a 180, and slid off the side of the road sideways, into the near side of a ditch.  We were extremely blessed that we didn't roll or damage my car or get injured.  About 10 different groups of people stopped to help us.  We got towed out and continued on our way.

Two things:  1.  Prayer works.  That morning we said a prayer to get us home safely, and I know that things could have been much much worse for us, but they weren't because Heavenly Father was watching over us.  2.  People are good.  Sometimes it's hard to believe this when you get cut off on the freeway, or people are rude in lines or places.  I was so amazed at how many people were IMMEDIATELY there to help us out.  My faith in the human race was strengthened because of that.

So anyway, it was an eventful, relaxing Spring Break, and I'm so glad that we have it at the U every year.  Now, I can't wait 'til June for our next Powell trip, and for Moab and whatever other things I'm going to do this summer!

The hardest thing about Spring Break though,

is going back to school.


  1. I'm seething with the worst kind of jealousy knowing that you were in Lake Powell even at all!

  2. boo for coming home from vacations